Tuesday 23 February 2016

REVIEW - 2016 Dodo-Pad

The beginning of the year means a new diary and the Dodo-pad is amazing! This was one of the goodies from my Suffolk Blogger goodie bag, I'm super pleased to have found this in my bag as every year I have a new diary. Now I know it's a little into the year however this diary was so worth writing about!

The Dod-pad is a multi function book. The size is quite good, it's A5 with a ring binder style mount. This might be a little on the large side for some people however I carry a fairly big bag around with me so this isn't a problem for me.
It's a diary, calendar for all those important dates, it has tons of space for memos and notes, plus a handy 'monthly' section at the back for things you need to remember for the following year. I also found it has a pocket on the back cover for miscellaneous letters, photos or receipts. 
I find, as a blogger, the Dodo-pad works wonderfully as you have more than enough space for all your blogging ideas, scheduling and random notes. Due to the layout of the Dodo-pad I can see at a glance when I have posts scheduled and I can fill in the gaps and plan ahead. The layout in the diary section is a page is a week, the opposite page is a blank space for extra notes or details. 
I'm more than happy with the Dodo-pad, it works perfectly for our busy lifestyle as I can fit everything from my blogging schedule, business appointments, the little ladies school terms and holidays, flight details for my husband as well as lunch dates with my friends. 

The only thing I think the Dodo-pad would benefit from is a ribbon to mark which week we're on, I have popped a paperclip on the top of each weeks page to make it easier to use. It's a little niggle but I find it's the small things that make life easier. 

Do you buy a diary each year or do you work off your smartphone?


  1. Nah, I work off my smartphone these days. But a diary looks a lot prettier and is a lot more fun to use of course!

    1. I'm a real pen and paper girl when it comes to time management. I can't get use to having everything on my smartphone.


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