Thursday 3 December 2015

Christmas Wish List

I've never done a Christmas list for myself on here before. Today is a little post about my 'wish list'. This does consist of a couple of high end items I've been lusting after......hey there's no harm in dreaming. 
Omega and Louis Vuitton are brands I simply adore for their timeless style. Omega now has a 'fine jewellery' line with the most amazing rings, some of which are ceramic! I'm lusting after the white ceramic 'Aqua Swing Ring', it would look perfect as a statement piece and so unusual. I'm also a massive Louis Vuitton fan and have been lucky enough to own several of their handbags. Majority of mine are darker colours so I thought it would be nice in inject something a little different into my collection. I'd like a bag I can use everyday so the 'Delightful MM Damier Azur' would be ideal for that!
Of course every beauty blogger will have some makeup items too, I've been in love with the look of the Rose Golden Palette from Zoeva and have yet to buy it so naturally this has been added to my list along with their 'Complete' makeup brush I need more makeup brushes! The blogger in me is also eyeing up the Sony A5000. A fellow blogger friend was showing me her's at a recent event and the image quality is great, even in poor light!
So please Santa I've been exceptionally good this year and I'd really really like at least something off my wish list ;-)

* Omega Fine Jewellery - The Aqua Swing Rings Collection 
* Louis Vuitton Delightful MM Damier Azur



  1. Nice wish list! I am posting mine tomorrow. I put the ZOEVA Coca Blend Palette on there, but the Rose Golden Palette actually looks really pretty too.

    1. Really impressed with the ZOEVA range :) x

  2. Fingers crossed Santa brings you the Camera! 🙏🏻🎅🏻


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