Friday 7 August 2015

Parent Tip #2 - Talc Removes Sand!

Random tip I found out about after we spent a fews days along the Norfolk Coast.

Did you know baby talc removes sand from your skin?
I haven’t yet tried it as we are back home and not near any sand but after doing a little research online I can confirm it’s true. And actually it’s quite obvious really when you think about it!
Talc (a baby version or any other) works by absorbing moisture from our skin. I’ve read that all you have to do is shake a generous amount onto the offending sandy area (the hands for example) then simply dust off it off your hands. The sand comes off a dream! If you don't like to use talc then you can use cornflour (cornstarch) instead as this works in the same way.

This means for us, future trips to the beach won’t end with the stress of getting sand off ourselves and little miss. Personally there is nothing worse then putting your flipflops back on and you can feel sand between your toes - yuk!

I’ll update this post as soon as I’ve tried it, however there are that many posts online about it I’m sure it works!

Back soon with more Parent Tips

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