Friday 12 June 2015

Etoile Wedding Polish - Navette

This weeks nail polish is one I have had for some time now. Infact I wrote about this collection I was sent back in 2013! Here is the link if you fancy revisiting the original post - Link.

Etoile is a New York based company who makes the most amazing nail polish. I say amazing as they all contain genuine Diamond dust, so these polishes really do sparkle and shimmer! Since writing my original post, Etoile has not only kept the 'Bridal' range going, but they now stock a 'Living Social' range of colours which are far more colourful and energetic then the Bridal range. 
Today thought I wanted to revisit Navette, I have a few Bridal parties on my books this Summer which reminded me of these colours! Navette is a warm based peach tone colour packed with that gorgeous Diamond dust. I have applied two coats of colour although if you want it to look sheer simply apply just  the one coat. The brush for me a maybe a little on the thin side, however the polish does apply evenly. Finish with topcoat for longevity and high shine.
I'll be back next week to show you another of the Etoile polishes I have tucked away......

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  1. I wonder if this particular color would look nice against my skin tone. I think it's either a hit or miss.


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