Monday 8 June 2015

Barkbeats Box - May

You may remember last month I ordered Elmo (our Chihuahua) a Barkbeats Box. If you missed this post here is the link. To summarise here is how Barkbeats works 
*Select your dog size - (Small/Med/Large) You'll find a weight guide at the bottom of each size to make it nice and easy. Elmo being a Chihuahua falls into the Small category.
* Choose your plan - 1 month at £14.90 / 6 months at £13.90 / 12 months at £13.50 per box. Obviously the more months you subscribe to the cheaper each box works out at.
*Place your order. Each box is sent out to you the last week of the month so if you know you're going to be away you can pause your subscription. Or if you decide you don't want to receive your BarkBeatsbox you can simply email them to cancel. 

So what do you get in a BarkBeats box? Each month you receive 5-6 premium products. These range from treats, toys, and grooming products from well known brands, such as Kong, Trixie, Greenies and Starmark to name a few.

When we opened April's box we discovered we were missing the soft toy however after a quick email I was assured it would be included in the May box. I'm pleased to report that we did find Elmo's missing toy in this months Barkbeats Box and I have one very happy Chihuahua.

So this month our box contained the following items (along with the missing toy, the Balloon Animal) - 

* MUZO Soft Toy - This toy is super soft and has a long stretchy neck making it perfect for Elmo to carry around the house or play with.

* Barks & Sparks Muffin - A tasty hit with Elmo! This month the Barks & Sparks treat was a Raspberry Muffin. Made only with natural ingredients like coconut, Cinnamon, Ginger, Honey, Apple, Carrot, Banana and Raspberry. These also contain no nasty preservatives.

* HUHUBAMBOO Soup - Now Elmo wasn't too sure about this when I put it in his bowl. Normally he isn't a typical fussy Chihuahua but this didn't do much for him and it ended up in the bin after he decided he wouldn't eat it. HUHUBAMBOO makes soups for our canine friends. This one was with chicken and a 'silky broth'. It didn't look like the picture on the packet so I can't say I blame Elmo for not eating it! 

* Granatapet Treats - These are from a German company who makes dog and cat foods and treats. These particular treats are Duck and Pineapple and contain no grain so are perfect for dogs of all ages and breeds. I found these were a good size for taking out of dog walks as rewards for Elmo. As they are small he could manage to eat them straight from my hand. On a personal note these also smelt quite nice, unlike some doggie treats!

 * ANTOS Mintz - This is the first time I have given Elmo anything to combat 'dog breath'. I should firstly point out he has special chew sticks to help clean his teeth and at (nearly) 7 years old he has all his teeth which is good for a Chihuahua. He does on the rare occasion have a hint of dog breath so these will come in handy. These help clean and disinfect your dogs mouth while given them fresh breath. Upon opening the tin I found little green bone shaped treats that smelt minty. Elmo loved them so I know were onto a winner!

I feel it's safe to say there is likely to be one thing in the Barkbeats box that is either a little too big for Elmo or he just doesn't like the look/taste of something. Yet I would say I'm again impressed with this months contents and very happy to report we now have our missing toy from April's box.


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