Monday 18 May 2015

Colour 12 - Makeup Revolution 'Day to Night' Palette

#MakeupMonday is here and we are on the final colour from the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette. It is at last the turn of Colour 12 and what a colour this is. First I should point out my ‘hand swatch’ (LINK) was terrible, it had poor colour payoff for what looked like a bright colour. Now this is the time when I eat my words.
COLOUR 12 IS FABULOUS, just look at the colour on my photos!!!! Colour 12 can only be described as a peacock green. It has a slight glimmer to it making it appear like satin. The colour payoff is marvelous, it’s bright and bold and most definitely not for the faint-hearted. I love this colour and it’s a great one to finish the palette swatches with :)

As before if you missed the previous colours you can find the links for them below xx


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