Friday 15 May 2015

BarkBeats Box - April

After putting Elmo into kennels for 3 weeks while we were in Zurich I though he deserved a nice treat. I'd spotted BarkBeats on Instagram so decided to place an order for 'dog mail'. BarkBeats is a mailing service similar to Birchbox and Glossybox, although rather then it being full of beauty products, Barkbeats is aimed at DOGS. I found they had an offer on so received £5 off my first box so rather then paying £14.90 I paid £9.90 (they do free delivery so no extra costs).

Here's how BarkBeats works - 
*Select your dog size - (Small/Med/Large) You'll find a weight guide at the bottom of each size to make it nice and easy. Elmo being a Chihuahua falls into the Small category.
* Choose your plan - 1 month at £14.90 / 6 months at £13.90 / 12 months at £13.50 per box. Obviously the more months you subscribe to the cheaper each box works out at.
*Place your order. Each box is sent out to you the last week of the month so if you know you're going to be away you can pause your subscription. Or if you decide you don't want to receive your BarkBeats box you can simply email them to cancel. 

So what do you get in a BarkBeats box? Each month you receive 5-6 premium products. These range from treats, toys, and grooming products from well known brands, such as Kong, Trixie, Greenies and Starmark to name a few.

Here's what Elmo received in his BarkBeats box -

 Tough Toys Rubber Ball - Although I have heard of this brand and friends with bigger dogs rave about them I found the ball a little too big for Elmo. The ball is made of safe, long lasting natural rubber which is super tough - obviously! He had a sniff but wasn't that interested in it. A friend of mine has a slightly bigger dog called Lupin so I'll be passing that on to them.

Alpha Spirit Ham Bone - Oh my oh my! Elmo absolutely loves this!!! It's not something I would normally buy for him as he can get a little protective over bones. This one looked big however he was able to pick it up with ease and has carried it around our house before settling down to chew it. The only thing I would say is be careful picking it up as it gets gooey and is quite horrid to handle. Elmo loves it though :)

Barks & Sparks - These 'Bone' shaped cookies were a hit with Elmo and us. We always try to feed Elmo the best possible food/treats. Barks & Sparks treats are only made from natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. This particular set of cookies are made with Apple, Carrot, Olive Oil and Whole Wheat Flour. The topping, which looks like icing, is made from natural food colouring and natural yogurt.

3 in 1 Hypoallergenic Treats - Again Elmo loved these (for a Chihuahua he isn't a fussy eater). 3 in 1 Lamb Meat Treats are made for sensitive dogs. They are Gluten Free, support dogs heart function as they contain Omega 3 and 6, plus they support digestion due to containing probiotics.  These are little treats so I found them perfect for putting in my pocket for off-lead walks around the fields near our house :)

Happy Pet Soft Toy - Unfortunately this was missing from our BarkBeats box. I emailed the company Saturday and they replied the Monday (which happen to be a Public Holiday). They apologised tat it had not been packed and I've been told they will send it on in Elmo's box next month -  I'll update this below when next months box arrives.

Conclusions, would I buy this again? Yes without a doubt. OK so the ball was a touch too big and the soft toy missing (but will be sent with next months box), that aside everything suited Elmo and the ball can be given away to a fellow dog buddy. The treats are perfect and I'm super pleased with them.
Roll on May's box :-)


  1. Nice make-over for the blog! What a fun box, look how happy he is!

  2. Oh this is such a lovely little box and treat for Elmo xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

    1. Yes it really was, looking forward to May's box x


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