Tuesday 3 March 2015

That Peacocks hat & How I'm feeling!

Good news! I’m very late in writing about my ‘new’ Peacocks hat, however they do still sell these in store……..Phew. I will also confess I did buy it back in November..eek (!)
I was drawn to this hat as I loved the colour, it’s a beautiful burgundy-red-wine colour - I adore it. The hat has a wide brim and black detailing around the base of the hat. The fabric is felt and seems to be fairly water resistant. Oh and the major plus was this hat only costs £8!

Now onto a more personal side of this post. I feel a little strange writing about this as I don’t normally put this sort of thing on my blog. I tend to keep my feeling inside which I know isn’t always a good thing! So, I had a black trilby a few years back that I wore quite a bit so though this shape would be nice to wear as well. The trouble is living back in Suffolk I find the fashion trends I love just don’t suit life back here. People just wear the same old stuff and never seem to update their wardrobes or be adventurous; as my husband would say "same same but different".
Zurich I found was so easy going when it came to fashion. It is one of those anything goes places. I never felt self conscious about what I wore when we lived there full time. I felt happy in my skin and I could go out feeling amazing in my latest find. Yes I know I’m not the most trendy person out there, however I felt happy going out and never felt judged!
Silly I know, this all came to a head over a hat! When I go out in my much loved hat, I feel a little stupid. You know like I’m a walking fashion disaster! Maybe it’s just me being over sensitive, I don’t know? Does anyone else feel like that at times?

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