Thursday 12 March 2015

Catrice 'Rock-o-co' Nail Polish & Blush

These are from the latest Catrice Collection called ‘Rock-O-Co’ which I purchased while in Switzerland back in January. I’m a little late getting the details of this collection to you as we’ve been mega busy with family life. So here it is, better late than never I say!

Here’s what Catrice says about the collection -
This season, the designers are looking back on the 18th century as a source of inspiration to develop new versions of fashion. An extremely detailed couture full of Rococo references such as precious brocade, playful frills and flounces, elegant satin ribbons and opulent bows. Implemented in an ultra-feminine way, yet with an inescapable strength resulting from the heavier, defined cuts of the fabrics. The Limited Edition “Rock-o-co” by CATRICEis also inspired by influences from the era of Marie Antoinette and incorporates them in a powdery beauty collection. The limited products are available in spring colours such as pastel pink, light blue, vanilla, deep pink and apricot, as well as grey-black and blue-grey for a more modern contrast.

Now can we just take a moment to look at how beautifully detailed these both are! I mean when was the last time you saw a blush look so pretty? It’s hard to even take a brush to it as you know it will spoil the pattern. And just check out the colour of the polish, perfect for Spring/Summer.

The Catrice ‘Rock-O-Co’ Powder Blush is called ‘Macarons pour Marie’ which is a soft pink shade.The colour payoff is good on fair skin but I don’t imagine I’ll use this during the summer months as it wouldn’t show. I found the blush had very little fall-out, and it felt very silky on my skin. The packaging is nice and sturdy too; the case is plastic however it’s thick so it copes well being thrown into a makeup bag when travelling. Over all I’m enjoying this blush and would certainly buy more from Catrice in the future.

Next is the Catrice Matt Nail Lacquer from the Rock-O-Co collection. This shade is called ‘Madame De Pinkadour’ and oh my is it a stunning colour! What can I say, I LOVE THIS COLOUR! ‘Madame De Pinkadour’ is a matte nail polish with a difference. Due to this shade being shimmery it drys to a semi-matte finish; meaning when the light hits it, it looks like satin. Truly beautiful! For my photos I’ve applied two coats of colour over my base; although in all honesty I could have left it with one, the coverage is amazing! Application was fairly easy considering the shape of the lid too. I thought I’d struggle holding a round lid but it turned out not to be a problem. Oh I should also remember to mention this polish dries very quickly - because it’s a matte finish :)

So there you have it. My two purchases from the Catrice Rock-O-Co collection.
Available from COOP City and Muller stores in Zurich until the end of March.

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  1. *gasp* The blush looks pretty but LOOK at that nail varnish! So lovely!


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