Wednesday 25 February 2015

Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Lip Lavas

Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Lip Lava’s are the latest product to join my growing lipcolour stash! These are pitched as a liquid lipstick, and are available in the five different shades. Of the five shades I have three; Forgiven  a pale brown based nude, Unleash which is a fabulous hot neon orange and Tremor a pretty baby pink. There is also a red shade called Firestorm and a purple yes purple shade called Shockwave; both look super pigmented too from what I’ve seen on the website!
Makeup Revolution’s I ♥ Makeup Lip Lava contains Vitamin E to help keep your lips soft and hydrated. The colours are as I said earlier super pigmented and last really well. I found the colours to be a semi-matte finish, which I personally like. The colour lasted around 3 hours before they needed re-applying; and once they have worn off you are left with a stain on your lips. A little tip for you; if you don’t have your Lip Lava with you when it wears off you can pop a little lip balm over the stain instead. This makes your lips look fabulous :)
Of the three colours I have my go-to is currently Forgiven. This colour is great for a simple everyday look especially when I’m in a rush getting the little lady to school. I’ve worn Tremor more at the weekends, it’s a lovely soft baby pink shade. This teamed with some mascara and a winged eyeliner does the trick perfectly. Now Unleash is a colour I can see myself wearing all Summer. It’s the perfect neon orange which I think will look fabulous with a tan. I’d say this will be my pick-me-up colour when it’s warm out and I don’t want to put too much makeup on. A bright lip makes the whole face come alive don’t you think!
I’m really pleased with the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Lip Lava and they are the bargain price of £2.99 each! You simply can’t go wrong. My only criticism would be the colour name is only printed on the boxes, Makeup Revolution hasn’t had the names printed on the tubes. I personally like to keep my products in their boxes but I know not everyone does this. You can find the Lip Lava as well as other fabulous products via the link below -
Enjoy xx

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  1. They're bright! Tremor looks very Barbie but you wear it well :-)


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