Monday 19 January 2015

UNE Glimmer Lips Gloss - G10

“Sheer and light moisturizing care formula that embellishes lips with subtle shimmering effects for enhanced shine and glow. 100% natural tomato leaf fragrance”

I’d read rave reviews about this product online and had high hopes for my newest lipgloss. Now I like to keep my reviews honest and balanced, so on occasion my reviews will represent a less than favourable personal experience, and this is one such occasion.

I was so excited to finally have the UNE Glimmer Lips Gloss in my hands. As I said, I’d read so many great reviews, I thought this would be a dream product to use. I love the colour, it’s so pretty and girly. For me it’s perfect to use on a daily basis, either on its own or over a brighter lipstick. The shimmer isn’t too obvious, so it gives the illusion of having fuller lips without a mass of glitter. It also lasts reasonably well for a gloss before needing to be reapplied……….Sadly though my love for this product was short lived.

Firstly the brush on mine was super hard, it was so stiff it was uncomfortable to apply from the tube directly onto my lips. I opted for decanting it out onto my makeup palette and applying it with a different lip brush. Am I the only person that found these brushes to be hard? Is mine faulty??

Next is the smell and taste of it on my lips. Now I understand that lipgloss isn’t for eating, however, you can ‘taste’ it while you’re wearing the product. It has an odd non-descript taste and smell; a little chemically perhaps? I’m certainly not getting ‘Tomato Leaf Fragrance’, I have tomato plants in my garden and they most definitely don’t smell like this lipgloss!

My last gripe with my UNE Glimmer Lips Gloss is the ‘gloss’’s sticky...yuck! Sorry UNE, but this is a big no no in my books.

Some products don’t suit everyone and for me this was a fail. Perhaps I’ll try something else from the UNE range another time.

Update 2018 - Link removed as the product is no longer available 

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