Friday 16 January 2015

Inglot Freedom System

First let’s be honest, this review is photo heavy! Sorry about that, it’s the only way to really show (if  you’re unfamiliar with Inglot Freedom System) exactly how this system works.
If you read about my Inglot Cosmetics shopping spree while in Zurich (Here & Here) then you would’ve seen a little glimpse of this product. Today I’m going more in depth on the Freedom System.

The unique design of the Freedom System allows you to mix and match colours to make your own custom palette. The ‘4 square’ palette I have has a magnetic lid that comes off completely to reveal my chosen colours. The individual eye shadows can be placed into the palette and easily removed when you’ve finished with them; choose either the same colour again or something different. Inglot has a range of different sized palettes to suit your requirements and a massive choice of colours and textures…..the options are endless.

For my first palette I opted for the more neutral colours, going for something I knew I could wear on a day-to-day basis. I prefer matte eyeshadows during the day, so I bought myself three matte colours and a shimmery one to jazz things up a little. The texture of all four shadows is amazing; soft and creamy to apply, with little or no fall-out - even the shimmer shade! They blend very well into each other and I also found they lasted all day without creasing on my eyelids.

I’m super happy with my Inglot Freedom System and look forward to buying more at a later date. Have you tried them yet? If so which shadows did you opt for?

(4 Square Palette £6 / Square Eyeshadow £4.50 each)


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