Wednesday 19 November 2014

What's in my Trunki

We have recently been over to Switzerland, and packed the Trunki as part of our little ladies hand luggage. The Trunki we own is the Gruffalo, which I’ve written about in a separate post {link}.

So let’s look to see ‘What’s in my Trunki

* Naturally Ted was stowed in the Trunki, he is Little Miss’ favourite companion so he couldn’t possibly go in the hold.

* Sainsburys activity books. Wipe clean writing books that help little ones form letters and words. A bargain at £3 each!

* Hand sanitizer, Lip Balm, Pocket Tissues, Wet Wipes. All essentials, whether leaving the house for a day out or taking a flight to a far off country.

* Spare pants, trousers and nappy bags. Little Miss has been out of pull-ups for over a year, but I thought it was best to pack spares. Also carrying nappy bags in hand-luggage as any wet clothes can be stored in them until we get to our apartment.

* iPad mini - fully charged and updated with lots of new educational games to keep Little Miss busy. Plus we also have a few little movies on there like “Fantastic Mr Fox”, “Room on the Broom”, “Gruffalo”, and “Toy Story Mini Movies”.

* Water bottle - this is always a pain when traveling through an airport as they insist on having you taste the water when you go through security, some even require that you empty it. I tend to keep it empty and buy a bottle of water to decant into it after the security checks.

* Sunglasses - although these won’t be worn during the flight or in the airport, we’ll possibly need these enroute to our apartment….and no traveling (little) Lady should be without her sunglasses!
*Lunchbox - which will be packed with healthy snacks for Little Miss. I know we get an in-flight meal but its nice to have other bits to nibble on.

And thats pretty much it…..thank goodness the Trunki has lots of storage space!

Happy travels xx

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