Thursday 20 November 2014

Tantrum Childrens Shampoo & Conditioner

“Tantrum is a revolutionary new concept in children’s hairdressing designed to make the experience better for both child and parent.The Tantrum salon, situated on the exclusive Kings Road in London, is truly one of a kind and will make any visit a memorable experience. The salon is split over two floors, catering to younger and older children separately. The ground floor, called Moon, is for 7 year olds and under, while the exclusive basement, called Vogue, is for 8 year olds and over. Moon and Vogue are very different in terms of how they are designed but both are guaranteed to make you leave with a smile.”

I’d been looking into Tantrum online, so I was very pleased to find their hair care range in my local Asda Store. I chose ‘My Clever Coconut Shampoo’ and ‘My (Very) Kool Coconut Conditioner for Little Miss. Both of these products nourish the hair, leaving it feeling soft and looking shiny.
The shampoo was nice and concentrated so I didn’t need a lot to get a good lather. Our little lady has fine hair which is below her shoulders, so I’ve found it can be a little on the tangley side if I don’t use conditioner; something I’d never used on a regular basis as some I’d tried made her hair flyaway. This one is lovely though, its conditioning enough to detangle her hair, and yet mild enough to avoid the flyaway static look.
I also loved the coconut fragrance, it wasn’t overpowering, but you could still smell it on her hair the next day. One thing to note, which is a big bug-bear for me, is the bottle size (and I have no idea why companies do this!) The shampoo is a generous 300ml and the conditioner is just 200ml….why they don’t do even quantities I’ll never know!
As a final point, all Tantrum products are allergen free, contain no parabens and are NOT tested on animals.

Tantrum ‘My Clever Coconut Shampoo’ £3.00
Tantrum ‘My (Very) Kool Coconut Conditioner’ £3.00

Update 2018 - Link removed as no longer trading

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  1. Love what they did with the names of these products :-D Very kiddie proof.


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