Monday 15 September 2014

Inglot Cosmetics

I had my first ever trip into Inglot Cosmetics while in Zurich during August. Their store is amazing and if you get the chance go in rather then buy online, it's worth it just for the experience. All the products are displayed well, plus there are plenty of mirrors, sponge applicators, tissues and wet wipes;  you can really get stuck in and try before you buy. For me the best bit was trying out their infamous 'Freedom System'. I had read so much about it and really wanted to get at least one 'Freedom palette' to take home. 

Here is what I purchased from Inglot Cosmetics. I will go into far more detail about each product at a later date but for now I wanted to show you the products.

** Nail Enamel 15ml - 715 Matte
** AMC Cream Concealer 5.5g - 67
** Freedom System 4 Square Palette
** Freedom System Eyeshadow Square in the colours
- 470 DS
- 342 M
-341 M
- 330 M 

As I said I'll go into a lot more detail once I've had time to play with the products and give them a good thorough testing.
 Ciao for now xx


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  1. Oooh your very first Inglot Zurich haul, that begs for celebration! :-D I can't wait to hear and see more about all the products you got.


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