Thursday 4 September 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow

(Gimme Brow - Light/Medium)

I’m relatively new to brow products. I’ve tinted my eyebrows for years, not to darken them but to enhance some of the fairer brow hairs I have. I’ve also prefered to pluck them myself rather than have them waxed - I’m not very good at letting them grow enough to justify waxing appointments. So my one and only brow product for years has been my trusty cheap and cheerful clear brow mascara. Yes I’ve dabbled with brow pencils and powders, however I’ve never really found ‘the one’ for my brows, so I’ve just stuck with what I know works.

Benefit Gimme Brow launched a few months back. The  sales assistant  at the Benefit counter explained how it worked and showed me a clever application technique (which I’ll tell you about shortly), so I decided it would be worth a try.

Benefit says - “Bring on the brows! This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping.”

So back to the Benefit assistant technique. She told me how Benefit suggest applying  Gimme BrowUsing short pressing motions, stroke brush tip along brow to define shape. Comb through to blend & build brows.”  

Then she told me her application technique. “Using  short sweeping motions comb the wand through the hairs in the opposite direction; you’re starting from the outside and working in. Then apply Gimme Brow over the hairs from the inside to the outer edge. This means the Gimme Brow fibres grab more of the hairs, making them appear thicker and your brows more defined.”

I have to say her technique works very well, I only wish I had made a note of her name so I could tell you who she was! If you happen to go into Debenhams (Bury St Edmunds) you’ll find a very helpful Benefit assitant - thank you :)


  1. Well thank you anonymous advice giver then! ;-) Often the way you use a product can really determine whether you love it or not.

    1. Hehe, I may have to go stalk the Benefit counter so I can find out her name and update my review ;) x


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