Monday 14 July 2014

Soft Dog Harness by DogPose

Elmo has had a variety of soft harnesses from Petzcrazee over the years, all of them fitted and checked by the owner of the store. For small dogs a harness often presents the best option.
When I buy Elmo’s harnesses I have to take into consideration two factors. One, he may be a cute chihuahua but he has a very bold personality so plain just doesn’t suit him; and two my husband walks him as well so I can’t buy anything too pretty or pastel! We sported camo-print a couple of times (in grey and in green) which really suited Elmo, however its nice to try something different.

This fantastic one by DogPose is called theFruits Stripedsoft harness. As you can see this harness is a variety of coloured stripes on a white background. The black trim really compliments the colours of the harness and looks lovely against Elmo’s tan fur.
This harness is a ‘small’ which is perfect for Elmo, it also has an adjustable strap that fastens above the dogs back. The D-ring on the top is big enough for not only the lead to attach, but also an ID tag if your dog doesn’t wear a collar. It’s secure enough that he won’t slip it, and seems comfortable enough for him to wear for long periods (when we’re out all day with him)....perfect!


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