Monday 28 July 2014

Grown-up Lounge Cushions

Living in a town house has finally given us our space back. Don’t get me wrong, we love our daughter, however I’m pretty certain most parents will understand when I say “the toys end up everywhere”. We opted to use one of the rooms on the first floor as our grown-up lounge. We have the cinema system setup, the high fidelity music system setup, ornaments out, and for the first time EVER - cushions on our sofa! Today I want to show you our cushions.
So lets get started with the ones I purchased from NEXT. I went shopping for these before we had decided on our choice of curtains, so I played it safe by going neutral and opted for textures instead -

Pocket Knit Cushion in Natural. This has toggles down one side and a cute little pocket on the corner. Size 50x50cm - £22.

Linen Look Cushion in Cream, comes with a mother of pearl coloured button on the front. This is purely decorative and doesn’t open the cushion. To remove the cover there is a zip on one end. Size 50x50cm - £14.

Jack Russell print cushion. This has a contemporary feel to it, with soft 3D ears. This is slightly smaller than the other two from NEXT at 43x43cm - £14.

Yup our daughter chose the Jack Russell one! I didn’t have the heart to say no and I have to admit its really grown on me, somehow it works. Now lets move onto John Lewis. I should point out that by the time I bought these next cushions, we already had our curtains up. Our curtains came from John Lewis too and are a silk look in Cassis.

John Lewis - Plain Velvet Cushion in Cassis is the perfect splash of colour for our lounge. The fabric is beautiful on this cushion and as I said this is the same colour as our curtains. The size is 50x50cm - £25

John Lewis - Mizan Striped Cushion also in Cassis, again to tie in with our curtains. This one has multi-coloured chenille textured stripes, so it looks very chic. The size is 40x60xcm - £25.

We are really happy with our cushions. I just need to find some I like for our Dayroom now………..

For more cushions from the companies mentioned, head over to and .



  1. That Jack Russel pillow is cute :-) Not something I'd put on my couch though. Now the others, yes, definitely.

    1. It's not one I would have chosen however I had our daughter with me when shopping for soft furnishings :D


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