Friday 27 June 2014

Giant Wall Clock

Today I have a little post for you to read. Before moving into our new house we made the decision to use the ground floor room as our dayroom (as it opened into the garden), and have a grown-up lounge on the first floor of our townhouse. We planned to spend a lot of time (pardon the pun) during the day in the dayroom so we decided to have something bold on the wall.
We finally opted for a large wall clock, after seeing some online and in home decor magazines. There were so many styles to chose from, but we wanted something with more of an old world feel to it; nothing pastel or girly vintage, more of a masculine look to it.

My mum finally found one for us and bought it as a Christmas present, so I don’t know exactly where it came from. However, I’ve done a little research online and found these that are similar, so I’ve linked them here for your viewing pleasure :-

We are so pleased to finally have it on the wall in our house. It’s the finishing touch to our dayroom and looks far better than having a mirror on the wall - after all there are only so many mirrors you can have in a house, just think of all that cleaning!!!

What statement piece do you have on the wall at home?

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  1. What a beautiful clock! I bet it would look good in my apartment too, lol.


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