Monday 23 June 2014

Accessorize Midi Ring Set

I’m not really one for following trends to closely, I prefer to stand out a little and have my own style identity; however when I saw these in Accessorize I knew I just had to have them!

You can see pictured above the ‘midi ring’ set I bought from Accessorize. If you don’t know already the ‘midi ring’ sits below your finger nail knuckle if that makes sense, not at the base of your finger. This set screams ‘spring-summer’ to me with the gorgeous colour choice. The set consists of two thin gold plated bands, each with a triangle gem on; one pastel pink and the other mint green. These are super pretty and very comfortable to wear. I’ve been wearing these either on their own, one on each finger. They stack together nicely too, so you have a few options when wearing them. Plus I think they look amazing with a nice pinky shade on my nails - really brings the look together. I’ve applied my OPI polish in ‘Barre my Soul’ which was part of the New York Ballet Collection and I love the combination.

Have you tried wearing midi-rings? If so which is your favourite look?

£5 / €6.90


  1. I don't have a midi ring myself but I do like the look of it :-)

    1. They are nice but it takes a while to get use to there placement

  2. These are gorgeous! And so affordable for £5! I don't own any midi rings yet but have been on the look out to add some to my collection! :)

    Nicola xx

    1. Accessorize has some fabulous ones at the moment


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