Thursday 13 March 2014

Throwback Thursday #2


"My obsession for costume jewellery will never end!"

I can't help myself, if I'm in the city I just have to pop into H&M to check out their accessories. Ever since I can remember I've loved buying inexpensive bits of jewellery. 

This particular day I had some "child free" time (my husband was home with 'Little Miss'), so I decided to pop into Zurich and check out H&M's latest collection. 

There I was sitting on the top deck of the train into Zurich; strolling up the escalators at the Main Station; weaving through the crowds on Bahnhofstrasse...and all the while with this strange feeling that I'd lost something....and then it hit me, I'm so used to pushing a stroller around that it always feels a little odd when I get out on my own :)

It was lovely spending a lazy afternoon shopping for something and nothing at all. I finally found some pretty rings in H&M which I just had to have. 

.......the peach and gold ring set.

Its a steal at only CHF7.90 considering you're getting 3 rings! 

They can be worn alone or together depending on your mood. I like them alone personally, but hey everyone is different.

I would also like to add my 'top tip' for costume jewellery - always put a coat of clear nail polish over to stop the colour wearing off over time.

Have fun with your jewellery!


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