Monday 10 March 2014

Denman D3 AnarKitty ‘Ruby’

As I'm sure many of you know I adore Denman Brushes. Being in the trade means I have had the pleasure of using many of their brushes. I have written is the past about my Denman D3 so I'm pleased to tell you about a new trendy limited edition D3 brush that is now out.
"Cult modern artist ‘AnarKitty’ is back with another limited edition Denman D3 design.  
Brush experts Denman have teamed up once again with Brit artist Emma Geary AKA ‘AnarKitty’ to create a second special edition D3 hairbrush named ‘Ruby’.
This time, AnarKitty’s art takes us back in time to the roaring 20s era. With influence from the timeless classic ‘The Great Gatsby’, Denman and AnarKitty worked closely together to create an image which displays the fashion and culture of women from the classic ‘flapper girl’ period.
The ‘Ruby’ artwork incorporates the famous flapper dress which women wore to dance the Charleston. A string of pearls have been added to the evening dress design to complete the look and of course the iconic 1920s finger wave hairstyle which has been finished with the Denman crown for a modern twist!"
The Denman D3 AnarKitty ‘Ruby’ brush, £7.50, available to buy from

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