Wednesday 19 February 2014

Stila Lip Glaze

I have always wanted to try Stila Lip Glaze, yet somehow never got around to buying one. So you can imagine my delight when I opened my YOU Beauty advent calendar and discovered one!

This one is called ‘Kaleidoscope’. It has a very pretty peach shimmer which enhances the look of the lip glaze; I feel it would be very plain without it.  
You can wear Stila Lip Glaze alone or over your favourite shade of lipstick. This particular one would look fabulous over a lipstick, as you’d really see the shimmer in it.

“The formula in Stila lip glazes has been created to provide strong lasting power, without drying out your lips.’’

I found the lip glaze to be a little on the sticky side, however it wasn’t unpleasant. The lip glaze also lasted very well and didn’t need to be reapplied too frequently (about 3 times in 7 hours).  

The Stila Lip Glaze from the YOU Beauty advent calendar is 1.5ml.
The Stila website sells them in a  2.4ml tube; which is a better size really. There are also 36 shades to choose from in the range, so there is bound to be one you’ll love!

Have you tried the Stila Lip Glaze?
RRP £15


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  1. It looks great on you! And I'm glad to hear it wears so well.


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