Friday 7 February 2014


This is amazing…….Think play doh that smells fabulous plus you can bath and wash with it!!!

FUN was introduced to me while shopping in LUSH for stocking fillers for Mr KME and Little Miss; I’m so pleased I bought some!

If you are unfamiliar with FUN then let me give you some details about it from LUSH;

‘Ideal for children (of all ages), Pink Fun packs a lot into its plasticine-like body. A 4-in-1 product, it can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap, or even a toy. One of five colours in the range, this is a nostalgic trip back in time to childhood smells of vanilla and sweets.’

This has been a huge hit with Little Miss at bath time. It’s perfect for crumbling into the bath and gives masses of bubbles…..that last and last. I also like to use it as a body wash, as it leaves her skin feeling super soft and smelling delicious. We’ve yet to play with it as a moulding doh; from what I’ve seen when taking it out of the packaging, it’s very pliable and would be great to roll out and make things from.

If you have little ones (or even if you don’t), this is well worth buying :)

£5 each



  1. I have used fun before (the gold one) and I loved it! I really want to try the other colours, especially the blue one <3 it's great as a soap and bubble bath ^^

  2. Even at 26 I'd want to play with this, haha :-)


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