Friday 20 September 2013

Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Collection

As you may recall, I bought myself the Real Techniques Core Collection and loved it. So naturally I also decided to buy the Duo-Fibre Brush Collection.

The Duo-Fibre collection consists of a Face Brush, Contour Brush and Eye Brush. These brushes are designed much like the orginal collection, but these look and feel more stylish. They have sleek white handles with colour coded writing on them (see picture)

These have been designed as a multi-tasking brush set. Each brush can be used to apply cream, liquid or powder makeup, leaving you with a flawless finish.
I really like these brushes, yet I have to say I don’t use them the same way I use my Core Collection brushes.

The Face Brush - I initially used this for loose finishing powder, but was disappointed with the result. It seemed to drop much of the powder everywhere but on my face. I opted to use this brush for my bronzer instead, and for this it works a treat. Its perfect for applying a small amount of colour over my cheeks, temples, and nose.

The Contour Brush - Sadly another disappointment. I found this brush hard to contour with and blend the colour out as I do with my (Core Collection) Contour Brush. I changed technique and now use it as a Highlighter Brush. It holds the right amount of product to add a highlight shimmer over the tops of my cheeks.

The Eye Brush -  This brush came up trumps for me. I have been using a lot of cream eyeshadows lately, and this brush is ideal for blending out harsh lines that can occur with cream eye shadows. I’ve not tried this with regular eyeshadows, but I expect there could be a lot of ‘product fall out’ similar to other brushes in this collection.

Have you bought the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Collection?
If yes what do you think of them?

UK Stockists in Boots and Superdrug stores nationwide


  1. I haven't even tried the original RT brushes, so myeah, I am running waaay behind.

    1. I'm really loving them, although as I said this set I don't use for there exact use.

  2. Love RT!

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  3. I do not like their Brushes, I own a couple, such a waste of money, and copycat of brushes like MAC & Crownbrush

    1. I've just ordered some Crown Brushes so will have something to compare them too. Before buying RT brushes I'd been using my college ones xx

  4. I never use brushes how they are labeled! Especially my RT brushes...haven't tried this set yet, but very interested!

    LOVING your blog btw!
    Brittany's Secret

    1. I have to say normally I do, however this set I don't. Thanks for popping by xx


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