Monday 30 September 2013

OPI Autumn Classics

By now I'm sure you know what to expect from my 'Classic' posts.

This season I'm back again to show you my favourite shades. This time its the turn of Autumn.......and here they are:

OPI, Germany Collection, 2012
German-icure by OPI

OPI, Nail Polish
Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!

OPI, Nail Polish, Spiderman Collection, 2012
Call Me Gwen-ever
I love this time of year. For me its about the leaves changing from green to warm orange and red shades. Autumn is such an obvious season change, you simply can't miss it......unlike some of our Summers ;)

What colour will you be wearing this Autumn??

To take a look at the previous seasons polishes click on the links below:


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