Wednesday 23 January 2013

Trevor Sorbie Professional

My latest hair love comes in the form of this 
Volumizing Mousse by Trevor Sorbie Professional.

I've been using this mousse for the last couple of weeks (I like to give products a thorough testing). The product information says:

 "Volumising Mousse is fantastic for adding body and root lift. This is a non-sticky volumiser that will leave you with a strong invisible hold that can last all day. Also, due to its shine-enhancing technology it gives a great finish and healthy looking hair."

 As a hairdresser I have used alot of products that claim to add body and volume without leaving a sticky residue, and many of these have failed to impress. 

This however is far from that.......its FAN-TAS-TIC!! 

Here's how I've been using the Trevor Sorbie Volumising Mousse;

*After washing my hair, I let it dry off a bit before applying the mousse - I'd say its normally 50% dry before adding my products.

 *Next I apply the product. You only need about a golf ball size of product, which you simply distribute at the roots of your hair (I then run the left over through my lenghts/ends of the hair).

*Using a round brush, blowdry hair making sure to lift the roots to create volume. 

*Hold the brush in place for a few seconds after you have removed the heat, which allows the hair to cool - thus it holds it shape better. 

*I didn't use hairspray on my hair after finishing, but you can if you want.

I think this is a wonderful product. It only has a very faint scent to it, which I personally think is a bonus. My hair was left looking shiny and soft, and feeling like it was product-free, even though I had mousse in it. My hair held the volume for a couple of days after styling, and may have lasted even longer, but it needed washing.

For more information please check out the link below xx

PR Sample


  1. I love trevor sorbie! sounds like a fab product!

    Thanks for following! i followed back :)

    1. It is a great product. Well worth investing in :)

  2. oooo I am so interested in trying this!! My hair could definitely use more volume!!!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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