Tuesday 8 January 2013

OPI Euro Centrale

I spotted this photo on the OPI Official Facebook page and just HAVE to share it with you!!

This is one of the first images of the new Euro Centrale Collection that is due for release in Spring/Summer 2013. 

As you can tell from the names these are based around four European countries, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
  The colours are:

Polka.com - Violet/Blue Glitter

Vant to bite my neck? - Dark Grape Purple 

I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw - Midnight Blue

OPI...Eurso Euro - Deep Blue

Can't find my Czechbook - Aqua 

Your such a BudaPest - Pastal Purple

My Paprika is hotter then yours - Coral-red

Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! - Warm-toned pink

Hands off my Kielbasa! - Tanned Bronze

My Vampire is Buff - Creamy Nude

A Woman's Prague-ative - Copper Shimmer

OY-Another Polish Joke! - Gold Shimmer

I have my eye on a couple of these and am looking forward to seeing the swatches.
Are there any you like the look of?


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