Friday 1 June 2018

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake | Dairy Free

I meet up regularly with my two oldest school friends and it normally involves 'tea and cake' at one of our houses. All three of us have children now, ranging from 7 years old (My Miss K) to 10 weeks old so getting together can be a juggling act negotiating family life, working and our babies schedules! 
With a forthcoming birthday I jumped at the opportunity to try a Bakerdays Letterbox Cake. One of my friends has had to cut out dairy from her diet whilst breastfeeding her newest addition to the family so we opted for the 'Dairy Free' Vanilla Sponge. 

The cake arrived with our normal post, its cleverly packaged to fit through your letter box (hence 'Letterbox Cake'). It also comes in a cute little tin along with instructions on how to remove it. 
Now the taste test! I was a little sceptical due to it being dairy free but I have to say it was delicious. The cake was a single layer vanilla sponge with a layer of strawberry jam between the fondant icing and between the cake and the base plate it was on. The sponge was lovely and moist and to be honest you really didn't miss a buttercream filling, the fondant icing gave it enough sweetness. Our Letterbox Cake was ideal for 3 adults slices and 2 kids slices. Sadly none left for a sneaky second helping haha.

I'd certainly recommend the Letterbox Cake, it was perfect for a little birthday celebration with the girls. I have a discount code for anyone wanting to try BakerDays cakes. Just pop KIZIWOO15 into the discount code section and receive 15% off your next order of delicious cake :)


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