Tuesday 4 April 2017

Making 'Easter Nest' with the little lady

With Easter quickly approaching I thought I'd do a quick little food post. Today the little lady and I made 'Easter Nests'. These are quick, easy and great to make with little ones......so here goes.... 

You will need - 
Melted Chocolate (we used milk chocolate from Spr√ľngli)
Shredded Wheat 
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Silicone bun cases
2 x mixing bowls
Wooden spoon
Silicone spatula
Decorative Easter chicks optional.

First up you need to melt your chocolate, we done ours 'bain marie' style (pyrex mixing bowl over a pan of hot water) as we don't own a microwave. While the chocolate was melting the little lady got to work and broke up the Shredded Wheat. Next combine the melted chocolate and Shredded Wheat until there are no plain Wheat. Place the chocolate Shredded Wheat into the silicone bun cases and decorate with the Mini Eggs. Leave to set on the worktop or fridge, then enjoy :)


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