Friday 24 February 2017

Primark PS...Pro Blending Brushes | Review

On a recent shopping spree in Primark I spotted these fabulous Oval shaped blending brushes. These reminded me of the Artis Oval Brushes that have been splatted all over social media in recent months. If you are unfamiliar with Artis then head over to Google and you'll see exactly what I mean. Their brushes are gorgeous! Not that I tried them, I simply can't justify the price when I already have a good set of makeup brushes....however they are worth swooning over ;)  
Anyhow, these are not to be sniffed at so I picked up two, the small and the large, threw them into my basket and trundled around the store merrily collecting other Primark goodies as I went.  

Lets start by looking at the pricing of the PS...Pro Blending Brushes. These are super affordable (some may even say cheap but I'm not keen on that word personally!) The two sizes I bought were the small at £2.50 and the large at £4. I didn't bother buying the medium as I really couldn't find a purpose for it in my makeup routine. 

The small size works perfectly for concealer, eyeshadow and for getting in the crease of the nose and tidying up the lip line if needed. The large I've been using for blending my BB Cream or foundation, it's larger size makes quick work of it too, perfect for anyone with a busy morning! 

The synthetic bristles are well packed into each brush, are soft against the skin yet effective at blending in makeup without dragging it over the face, leaving a flawless finish. The design of the brushes makes them comfortable to hold too, I guess you could say they are an ergonomic design?!? I found the design of the handle meant I needed very little pressure to blend my makeup, the brush simply done all the work for me. 

I was a little worried about how these would clean up. Unlike my other brushes these would be difficult to prevent the water from seeping into the base. With a little care and alot of unnecessary worry they have cleaned up beautifully, have dried well so still soft, and are like new....phew!

Have you managed to get your hands on the PS...Pro Blending Brushes yet? 


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