Thursday 26 January 2017

LUSH | Valentines Edition 2017

You can't beat having a little Lush in your life. I love them as well as Kizzy. Her favourite is bubble bath bars so when we were out shopping it seemed rude to not pop into the store and buy a couple. Kizzy was instantly drawn to these two; mainly due to the nature of them both, who can resist Unicorn horns and Ladybirds?
By chance the two Kizzy chose are both from the Valentine's Limited Edition collection so I thought I'd do a little post on them. 

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bath Bar is a gorgeous combination of lavender oil, ylany ylang oil and neroli oil. The lavender oil is perfect for a bedtime bath for Kizzy as it helps relax her after a busy day at school. I really like the smell of lavender so was pleased this came through. The bubble bath bar is coated in a fine shimmery powder which is really pretty. When crumbled into running water you end up with a mass of bubbles and bright pink water. 

Ladybird Bubble Bath Bar is a super cute design. This bubble bath bar combines invigorating peppermint oil and balancing geranium oil for an uplifting bath. I found this one does smell a lot more floral then I'd expected and has a slight hint of peppermint, however I like floral so this isn't a problem. 
What is your favourite from the Lush Valentines Collection? Do I need to go buy more??? 

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