Tuesday 1 November 2016

LUSH Spree | Victoria Station, SW1 London

(Top Left - 'SANTA' FUN / Top Right - Northern Lights / Middle - Lava Lamp / Bottom Left - Blue Skies / Bottom Right - The Comforter) 
We love a bit of LUSH in our house. Not only do LUSH sell a great products for the whole family but they make the bathroom smell divine! It's safe to say we have currently have a wide range of LUSH goodies in the house at the moment. I popped into my local store during the Summer Holiday's and came home with a bag full. Then more recently my husband spotted (smelt) a LUSH store nearby on his journey through Victoria Station, London....obviously he came home with another bag full for Kizzy and I. So here's the lowdown of the contents of our goodie bag....

'SANTA' FUN - FUN in any fragrance is cool stuff! Use it as bubble bath, body wash or shampoo, this multitask product is one of my favourite! SANTA is a limited edition treat available during the winter months, much life 'Snow Fairy' body wash (you must try it if you haven't already!!) Use it to build shapes and festive characters then crumble under running water for a Christmassy floral bath. Containing Jasmine Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil, two of my go-to fragrances. £5.95 

NORTHERN LIGHTS Bath Bomb - This was a new one for us. As always we split the bath bombs in half. As far as Northern Lights we found each side has a different colour; not that this was a problem, it was fabulous anyway! Northern Lights erupted in the bath 'like a volcano' (as Kizzy so rightly pointed out), turning the water a deep purple colour. Again this one contains my go-to fragrances, Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute. Just been warned you will have a purple tideline to clean off the bath once you've finished! £3.95

LAVA Lamp Bath Bomb - I've yet to try the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb, however from the scent of it I'm super excited! Lava Lamp contains purple orbs of cocoa butter that float in the orange coloured water. Fragranced with Sicilian Mandarin, Tangerine and Orange Flower its described as a vibrant bomb, fragranced like fruit pastilles. I'll be sure to keep you posted on this one......

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bath Bar - A firm favourite in our household, we've used it for years and rarely come out of LUSH without it. The larger then life bar is packed with excotic fragrances of Patchouli and Frankincence to help you relax, as well as cinnamon leaf oil that add a spicy note to a deep blue bubble bath. This bubble bath bar goes on and on, you really don't need a lot f this to create tons of bubbles! 

The Comforter Bubble Bath Bar - Similar in essence to Blue Clouds, the super sized bar is another favourite in our house. The Comforter is a fruity number that comes from the Cassis (which gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance) and uplifting scent of the Bergamot. Kizzy loves this one and really enjoys having what she calls a 'pink bath'. Even a small amount of this gives you vibrant pink bath water and loads of fragrance!

Back soon with more beauty posts xx

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