Tuesday 12 January 2016

Battle of the 'Brow Gels'

 As the title of today's post suggests today I'm talking brow gels. Brow products became the hot topic of 2015, from pomades, pencils and gels, everyone has a brow product in their arsenal of makeup. 
I have quite good brows, although I had over plucked in my teens/early twenties they have grown back without much patchiness. I therefore use a brow gel to keep them looking groomed all day. 
A while back I reviewed Benefit's Gimme Brow (link here) , which I absolutely love.........however the beauty world got the better of this blogger and I started looking at alternative brands to see how they compared to my much loved Benefit Gimme Brow. So to start with let's take a quick look at the products in today's lineup -

Benefit 'Gimme Brow'
Size - 0.1oz 
Colour - Light/Medium
Price - £18.50

Younique 'Precision Brow Gel'
Size - 0.1oz
Colour - Medium
Price - £15.00

Essence 'Make Me Brow'
Size - 0.12oz
Colour - 01 Blondy Brows
Price - £2.00
Now lets look at how they compare when using them....

Benefit 'Gimme Brow'
This is a tinted fiber gel that adheres to the skin and hairs. The tube allows the perfect amount of product on the brush for quick application. It's very buildable and doesn't leave your brows feeling hard. The brush is slightly tapered to enable easy application and catches every little hair. The brush also feels soft against the skin so it's comfortable to use.

Younique 'Precision Brow Gel'
Again this is a tinted fiber gel with a tapered brush. I personally found it only clung to the brow hairs and didn't leave any colour on the skin; so if you had any little gaps this wouldn't hide them. The wand feels very flimsy compared to the other two so I felt like it would snap if I pressed too hard. This left my brows looking natural, more of a no-makeup-makeup if you know what I mean. I use this more for days when I'm doing bits at home to make my brows look tidy or if I'm in a rush to do the school drop.

Essence 'Make Me Brow'
This is the closest dupe for Benefits product. The packaging is incredibly similar in appearance yet I don't feel the product is close enough. The brow gel doesn't seem to contain much in the way of fibers so to me it is just a tinted brow gel. The wand feels sturdy, yet the brush is too big and feels very rough against the skin. It does hold the brows in place, however they do feel a little 'hard' and 'stuck'. I also found due to the brush size I often had to do a little clean up after application.

The Verdict
If you are on a budget I would definitely say try Essence, it's £2 and not going to break the bank; plus it does much the same as Benefit. BUT I'm not fond of the 'hard' brow feel and how rough the brush felt on my skin. Also as much as I wanted to love Younique's product it just didn't hit the spot for me sadly, it's good but doesn't give the finish I'm after. Therefore for now I'm sticking with my Benefit. Which brow gels do you use??


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  1. Hmmm yeah, that hard feeling the Essence one gives might be a turn off... I currently use one by Urban Decay, it's fantastic.


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