Monday 26 October 2015

'Base' Favourites | A/W 2015

My current beauty fad comes in the form of 'base' products....or primer-serum combinations. Sounds pretty boring to some but these little bottles of strangely coloured formulas can make so much difference to your skin's  appearance. Both products can be worn alone (if you're having a good skin day), with a touch of concealer for a minimal look or under your foundation. 
So lets have a look at both of these lovely little bottles....
First up is the Stila One Step Correct, this funky tri-coloured bottle contains all you need for correcting your skin tone and brightening your skin. The three colours are dispensed in a single pump so they do all the work for you. Green neutralizes redness, Lavender counteracts any sallow tones in the skin and Peach brightens and illuminates the skin. The formula is creamy and lightweight; and from testing it out, it doesn't clog the pores.The bottle contains 30ml of product at £24.
Next is the Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum in Matte. This is different to the Stila one as this doesn't do anything for colour correction. The Bourjois Happy Light helps minimize pores and leaves your skin with a smooth matte finish. This is suited to those with combination skin and the bottle contains 15ml of product at £10.99. I found one pump was plenty for my face, although if I was gentle with the pump I could probably use less! I found the formula was nice and light on my skin and dried to a matte finish very quickly. 
When using the Bourjois Happy Light you'll need to pat it into the skin rather then rubbed like the Stila One Step, which can be rubbed into the skin, while blending the colours. Both products work for different reasons, although I would say the Bourjois Happy Light has a more expensive feel to it, the bottle is glass, whereas the Stila One Step is in a plastic bottle. 
Have you tried either of these skin bases? I'd love to know your thoughts xx


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  1. I love the way they designed the Stila one :-D This is actually the first time I've seen it, thanks for sharing.


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