Wednesday 3 December 2014

Library of Fragrance - Baby Powder

Today’s review is up there as one of the most enjoyable this year. I was contacted by Clare from Library of Fragrance some months ago; she was conducting questionnaires aimed at people in the blogging community, and these questions were based around the different scents we liked - from the smell of freshly cut grass to pipe tobacco. We all submitted our feedback, and when the huge list of 28 fragrances were launched, we were asked to select the top 3 scents we’d like to try. Fast forward to November and an email came through to say my name had been picked, and Baby Powder was on its way to me.

Baby Powder can only be described one way - simply devine! If you love that clean, fresh, new baby smell (without the dirty nappies obviously) this is for you. This fragrance is reminiscent of Johnson & Johnson baby talc which I love. I find it does have a slightly sweet hint to it which may not be appealing to everyone, however it isn’t overpowering. You can certainly wear this everyday, and I have been for over a week now, which has resulted in lots of compliments and questions about it. One of the teachers at Little Miss’ school even went online and bought some for herself, after quizzing me about it days earlier.

The Library of Fragrance has a massive 28 fragrances to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you adore as much as I adore Baby Powder. The bottles have a clean simple design (glass with long silver lid), and contain 30ml of fragrance, which seems very reasonable for the £15 price tag.

I’m totally in love with this cologne spray and what’s more it can be layered with other scents from the range - yes you’re reading this correctly. You can read about how to layer the Library of Fragrances scents here.

So if you fancy smelling like Dirt, or perhaps you prefer to smell of Sweet Pea, then all I can say is go and check out the Library of Fragrance in your local Boots.



  1. Layering scents?! Now that is something I've never thought of, how cool :-)

    1. Yes layering scents! At least you can with Library of Fragrance :)


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