Wednesday 22 October 2014

Doing the School Run 'Makeup'

Since our little lady started school in October our mornings have become a whirlwind! If it’s not alarms going off at a time I’m not used to, I’m getting school clothes on, preparing breakfast and walking the dog. So I’m sure you can understand when I say this leaves very little time for me to make myself look presentable to the world. We are lucky in a way as school drop-off is between 8am and 8:30am, so we don’t have to stand around in the playground making smalltalk, but it’s still nice to feel ‘ready for the day’.

Today’s makeup look is a very simple one that I call my ‘School Run look’. As I said there isn’t much time in the mornings to mess around putting lots of makeup on!

To make things easy I use a BB Cream (Olay Touch of Foundation) and add concealer where I need it (Rimmel Match Perfection and BareMinerals Concealer). Then I go in with the Benefit Gimme Brow to define my brows quickly. Followed by a quick curl of the lashes and a coat of Barry M Lash Vegas mascara. Finally a sweep of Benefit Hervana over the cheeks, a touch of lipgloss and I’m good to leave the house………….my arms loaded with a school bag, book bag and PE kit!

Have a great day xx


  1. Love this look! I always make sure I have my make up on before I leave for the school run, I feel bare without it!

    Emily xx

  2. You look fresh, awake and very pretty!


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