Monday 26 August 2013

NEXT - Animal Print 'Foot-bed' sandals

Please let me introduce my newest footwear love......

I’m totally aware we are heading towards September, but I do have a holiday coming up so I feel buying sandals is completely justified (I can hear my husband sigh).
While in NEXT (shopping for our niece's birthday present) I happen to have slipped into the woman's department - I’m sure you all understand how that can happen!

I spotted these pretty sandals and loved how comfortable they felt. They’re called  ‘Footbed Sandals’, and have support for the underside of your foot - around your toes and bridge which is very important. The soles of these sandals also have very good grip. Sandals can often feel unstable and unsafe on slippery surfaces (think Bambi on ice), so having good grip is a real bonus.

They have this fabulous T-bar in a ‘horse hair’ style leopard print. These have an adjustable buckle to help them fit perfectly around the top of your feet. As well as a leather sole, making them super comfortable to wear every day.


I love them and feel they are a steal at £17.

You can find these online and instore, but hurry I think they will sell out quickly!!



  1. I am usually not a big fan of sandals like these, but the animal print really glams them up :-)

    1. I never have in the past but they are fabulous and I just fell in love with them :-) xx


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