Monday 3 June 2013

KMS California - TAMEFRIZZ

 The hairdresser in me was very pleased to receive this press release; I love being able to bring you news on new products!

Let me introduce you to the KMS California 'TameFrizz' Range (a snippet from the press release)

"This haircare range helps de-frizz hair by improving the hairs internal structure and smoothing the hairs surface. 
 Internally, the De-Frizz System strengthens the hair structure and increases pliability, helping to calm frizz. Externally, the De-Frizz System smoothes the cuticle and reduces the visible effects of frizz. The combined effect tames hair and improves the way the hair lies, letting it fall more naturally into place."

"Featured ingredient Pequi Oil is an antioxidant-rich Brazilian fruit found in the Amazon, high in vitamin A and E which is known for taming frizz. Acacia is a tree cultivated in Africa and Australia, rich in sugar derivatives with moisturising properties, known for smoothing and increasing pliability."

I'm certainly looking forward to trying out this range; stay tuned for a review soon!

Prices start from £12.70

(Paraben Free)

TAMEFRIZZ is only available from professional hair salons and selected online stockists.

 For your nearest KMS California salon stockist please visit

*Press Release Information May 2013


  1. My hair doesn't ever get frizzy, really, so this line is not right for me. But still an interesting post :-)


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