Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Body Shop 'Lipscuff'

This was a lifesaver over the winter months.

The Body shop 'Lipscuff' is perfect for removing dry, flakey skin off your lips, while leaving them feeling soft and moisturised at the same time. With its minty fragrance you'll have fresh lips in a flash!

Application couldn't be easier!
In the mornings, apply a generous layer of Lipscuff over your lips. Rub your lips together every few seconds to help exfoliate the dry skin. After a minute, remove the excess with a tissue or cotton pad. 
VoilĂ ......smooth lips

The one key point I would like to add is that you do need to be 'generous' with application. When I first used this I didn't put much on and therefore didn't see results. Having failed, the next time I put on more and it worked perfectly.

Have you used this before?

RRP £8.00


  1. Hey, that sounds very interesting! I might give it a go. What I usually do is that I use my face scrub and gently rub it on my lips as well while exfoliating le facade ;-)

    1. Do give it a go. I have used facial scrub before but this works far better :-) xx

  2. This looks great. I knew about the lush version but I like this more as you can apply like a lipstick rather than the lush version where it would end up in your nails (Annoying)

    1. My thoughts exactly! I've used one by LUSH and really liked it but it does get under your finger nails :( This one is perfect for application x


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