Saturday 13 October 2012

Little Miss in 'NEXT '

Every time we go back to the UK it's another opportunity to hit NEXT. Mid-Summer we had a mega-store open up just outside our town centre. It's so big it even has a Costa Coffee, which was totally unexpected!

So, as normal I have my eye on a few items I'd like to get for Little Miss.

Below is a taster of what I'm after...

'NEXT' Collection

 I know alot of people aren't keen on burgundy, but I love it. Furthermore, Little Miss has (half) Mediterranean blood, so she has beautiful brown eyes and olive skin (rather then my english rose skin). So personally I always feel she suits warmer toned colours to cool pastels.

And there you pre-planned shopping spree!


  1. love the gilet!...the color especially

    jayj x.

    1. Its beautiful, unfortunately my local store didn't have it in Little Miss' size :(


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