Tuesday 18 September 2012

Doll Eyes

HYPNOSE Mascara By Lancome.

I'm always one for trying out a new mascara, in fact I don't know many people who stay with the same one every time......Hhmmm?

Anyway I'd noticed this one in the 'in-flight' magazine when travelling to the UK. Although I must confess I didn't buy it myself at the time. My husband purchased it for me on his way to the 'States' (isn't he good!!).

This mascara is said to add volume, lengthen, boost and coat every lash that results in a 'Doll Eye' look.  

The brush is a good size so it does coat every lash in one application. I used my heated lash curlers after the first application and found it perfect, with no need to put a second coat on. HYPNOSE does exactly what it says, I had visibly longer lashes that appeared fuller and doll-like.

The only down side for me was that I ended up with dark smudges under my eyes half way through the day :(

RRP £21

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