Friday 27 July 2012

Dynamic Lash......

By IsaDora

A month ago I was 1 of only 5 people worldwide selected to try out a new product by IsaDora. 
My trial products were the Dynamic Lash Growth Mascara and Growth Serum. These have been designed to give you (and I quote) 

"Thicker, Stronger & Longer lashes in just 4 weeks!*
*Efficacy Test
Average lash lengthening result of approximately 20% versus a placebo mascara. The test results show that after 3o days of constant use the natural growth of the eye lashes increases by 169% and the diameter by 13%." 

Both products contain active ingredients including Keratin, Poly-Peptides, Olive Leaf Extract. These help improve micro-circulation and stimulate cell metabolism. They also come with a slim line application (a precision brush) which helps you cover the entire lash from root to tip.

This is such an easy system to use. You simply apply the 'Growth Serum' to clean dry lashes at night. Then the following morning you use the 'Growth Mascara' instead of your normal mascara. 

Before the trial began - Day 1
 As you can see above my lashes are a good length although a little sparse, so I was hoping to see some thickness and maybe a little extra length to them. 
After my first week I could tell me eye lashes felt slightly thicker, which I felt was promising. Over the next 3 weeks, I continued with both products day and night. As you can see from the below picture my lashes appear thicker and more dense. 

After  the trial - Day 30
Overall I'm very impressed with both of the mascara and serum. I plan to continue using the serum at night, and will probably alternate the mascara with my other colours (this is currently only available in black). I normally have a couple of mascaras in my makeup bag that I use depending on my mood.

*Price to be confirmed



  1. Great post :) eyelashes look lovely x

  2. Oh wow, I can see a definite difference! That's impressive!

    Found you through the BBU Blog Hop! :D


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