Thursday 19 April 2012

Blue Mascara - Nude Lips

I have recently joined Twitter for posting quick and simply updates on all things hair, beauty and mummy, as well as my general ramblings. For those of you following you'll know I posted a photo of my new blue mascara this morning.......and here it is!

This is by a company called Makeup Factory and is the 'All in One' Mascara (Shade 8)

This mascara lengthens and conditions the lashes, whilst adding vivid colour. 

I have teamed this with a blue eyeshadow to bring the colour out more. As well as applying a nude lipgloss, I felt a colour would be too much.

So there you have it. Blue mascara doesn't have to be a reminder of the 1980's!!!!

Have you worn a coloured mascara? 
Blue, Green or maybe Purple?

Let me know your thoughts :-)

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